Channel Islands

Located approximately one hour's flight from London and closer in proximity to Northern France than England, the Channel Islands form part of the United Kingdom.

With Jersey and Guernsey as their main islands, The Channel Islands is a leading offshore financial center and is home to a number of premier off shore law firms and banks.

The islands tend to be driven by offshore finance, capital markets and trusts practices and the firms work closely with other offshore tax incentivised jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, mainland UK, Europe and the Middle East .

The leading off shore law firms Cary Olsen, Mourant du Feu & Jeune and the Ogier group offer professional and high-quality services for a range of practice areas.

Both lawyers and finance professionals will be exposed to the "offshore end" of cutting-edge transactions which are often large, complex and involve multiple jurisdictions and key areas of focus is structured finance, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, securitization, securities funds and trusts.

Remuneration levels tend to be marginally lower than London and combined with tax rates being capped at 20%, the relaxed Islands lifestyle and close traveling distance to continental Europe, the Channel Islands make for an attractive destination.