Middle East

The Middle East is a region which is developing rapidly and international finance professionals and lawyers are in large demand.

The United Arab Emirates is the major financial hub of the Middle East and Dubai is the most cosmopolitan and westernised Emirate with a significant proportion of its population made up of international expatriates. Bahrain, Oman and Qatar also offer a rich and diverse professional life and culture.

The economy is growing rapidly in the Middle East, and the westernised regulatory system in these cities, has stimulated the business and practice of international finance. Many of the world’s best law firms and numerous financial institutions have offices here, facilitating cutting edge international transactions.

Banking and finance, corporate, projects, infrastructure, energy and construction experience is the most highly sought after and international firms strive to hire individuals that can integrate and transition quickly.

The Middle East offers many of the most beautiful cities in the world and its cultural contrast and strong growth provides unique opportunities. The lifestyle and remuneration on offer is generally excellent with tax-free salaries and ex pat benefits included.